We are The MasterPlan.

The MasterPlan was formed in 2018. After a debut performance at a local music showcase, they enjoyed many performances and releasing a single in 2019.

In January 2020, Craig joined the band, and the went on to release another single ‘Jaded’ in April. The MasterPlan began work on their debut EP soon after that and in June, Eddie joined the band on bass.

In July 2020, the band record their EP in BadLands Studios in Dublin. The EP was released with remarkable success in October of the same year.

They released their second EP ‘Afterburn’ in September 2021.

A bit about us

Craig “Senõr Cronk” Whelan (Vocals/Guitar)

Craig is a passionate musician with all the charm of a wounded prisoner with a flick-knife. He’s been playing music from a very young age and is inspired by artists such as The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughan but especially Brittany Spears, who’s dance moves Craig tries to recreate both onstage and in the studio. He’s a talented songwriter who spends anytime he can writing ballads, singles, poetry, stories and declarations of war on economically powerless nations.

Kieran “Rusty Nuts” Reddy (Drums)

Kieran has been playing drums for around 8 years now, which you wouldn’t be able to tell if you listened to him. He’s been listening to rock and metal music since he was young and enjoys artists like Fleetwood Mac, Arctic Monkeys, Slipknot and also Enya (because if you listen to 3 hours of Norwegian Death Metal in a day, you need something to unwind in the afternoon.)

Edward “Eduardo” Fair (Bass/Vocals)

Eddie is the newest addition to the band but had by far the most experience in bands coming in, having fronted two bands previously. But not only is Eddie a talented musician, but he can also pull a vape ring 8 inches in diameter. Eddie has a lot of musical influences such as Thin Lizzy, Craig Whelan, and Weird Al Yankovic.

Eamon “Elmo Sheeran” Naughton

Eamon is the newest addition to the band. Eamon’s inspired by artists like Gary Moore, Edward Fair and Lil Wayne and of course…. Mia Khalifa. Nobody is quite sure what he enjoys in his downtime from the band. Some say he is kept cryogenically frozen between gigs…. but we’ll never know.