October Nights Festival

In case we haven’t mentioned it enough yet, we’re playing the second night of the October Nights Festival in the Ballina Arts Centre!! TICKETS ARE 100% FREE, but make sure you reserve them so you don’t miss out! You can get your tickets at the link here! (Link is also on our page’s website section) ⬇️⬇️ See you all there!!


We’re live this Thursday!

We are going to be appearing on Music Makers. This is a fantastic show which showcases music legends and emerging talent. It’s a combination of interviews and unplugged performances. This was an absolutely fantastic opportunity for us to perform alongside the legendary Eurovision winner Charlie McGettigan and the twice Grammy-nominated Myles Gaffney. It was an absolute blast and we want to wish a big thanks to Brendan Farrell for the amazing time we had. The link to the video can be found below and will premiere at 8 p.m this Thursday!

Recording: Day 1

Well, it was something! We began recording on the first track on our upcoming album last night. We used a studio in Ballina and we are really looking forward to releasing this as a seperate single as well really soon.

It was frustrating to say the least. Trying to figure out the levels, mixes and how everything fits together. However we did have great fun and came away with something that we’re quite proud of. We can’t wait to see what everybody thinks of it!

Welcome to our Website!

Hello and welcome to the first post on our new website! If you don’t know already, The MasterPlan are an Irish rock band located in Ballina, County Mayo.

On this site you will find links to all of our social media and streaming platforms where you can listen to our music, aswell as exclusive content and behind the scenes details here on the blog section.

If you have any questions please go to the “Contact Us” page for more information.

Thank you and Rock On!

The MasterPlan Admin